blood tests and tomato soup.

Familiar place……


so we found out why we can barely get out of bed in the mornings since the surgery seven weeks ago.

our blood tests were Most Revealing.

Amusing moment in surgery office – actually two:

1. Strange choice of art for head and neck surgery unit (van gogh below).

2. Etiquette joy:

thank you for your thoughtful card

oh! You’re most welcome.

not many people send thank you cards

oh, such a pity

wasn’t sure who it was from

(gulp. Did we just put in a team gloria card? Oops)

oh! Yes. We don’t use our original full name in our professional life

(but of course tis the one on our health insurance)

yes. So I looked at the name and looked you up on the Internet.


you’re really up there


we do have a rather grand job

and I looked at the site you do too

(another team gloria reader, darlings!)

most interesting

(grin. We Think So)

Nice moment.


back to the chemist/drugstore/synthroiddealer for a stronger dose, calcium tweaking and adding in a strong hit of vitamin D too.

While waiting for the pharmacist we popped here to snice for a deep bowl of tomato soup*

*off camera is a date slice (made with soy flour and agave but still Not Good for us At All #sigh back to healthy eating when we can drag ourselves out of bed of a morning :(



5 thoughts on “blood tests and tomato soup.

  1. The prospect of you in Cornwall, in dear company, warms the cockles of my heart, as my non- native-speaker-of-English used to say! Also the news that your meds are being adjusted. It DOES get better when the dose is right. I’m still aghast at your creativity and lightness of being when your poor metabolism just isn’t sparking on all cylinders. A fierce inner light is what you have and I’m so lucky to bask in it sometimes.

  2. May I remeber you had your throat sliced not so long ago? Your whole body needs time to recover.
    I just love how your pictures bring lightness and cosyness in a not (everyday) so nice world.

    1. Jérôme!

      We are going to remember that we’ve only been out of hospital for 7 weeks, at your suggestion, and take it easy today.

      Cheri – merci!

      A bientot, tg xx

  3. Tomato soup and Van Gogh. (No Warhol?)

    How strange the Internet is, no? Wondrous, surprising, invasive, wondrous again… I like to incline slightly toward the more beneficial aspects of extraordinary connections, rather than those which may occasionally unnerve us.

    Tweaking. Tweaking is usually good.

    May you have renewed energy soon (and enjoy all the delicious soup available, whatever the source, comestible or otherwise).


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