eat, pray, love, bubbles, parcels, fierce footwear, caffeine, paranoia, medical bills = wednesday.

hello darlings.

it’s wednesday.

isn’t it?

the throat aches with a vengeance now (scar tissue? problems? chill wind descending on manhattan? breathing re-constituted air inside a skyscraper all day?)

who knows. actually the surgeon will (if it’s physical rather than spiritual) and we see him tomorrow at 3pm. so we’ll let you know..

in the meantime, this is our wednesday so far – do describe yours!

we were a Bit Gloomy upon awakening: so blew bubbles while the synthroid kicked in and the coffee percolated

listening to eat pray love with the utterly delicious elizabeth gilbert reading it herself made applying mascara ever so nice. felt like she was with us, reading to us (although our manhattan bathroom is Awfully Small so she’d have to have been sitting on the side of the bath but still, Awfully Sweet image.

TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS poorer now :-( #medicalbills

gasp. for. air.

sent a parcel (we Adore a Parcel) to the lovely Stacy Morrison (yes, we do know her in RL, we’re not being strange and stalk-y ;-) it’s one of our decoupages and it reminds us of the bit in her book when she talks about moving to the big city to become a glam-and-glossy-magazine-editor.

en route to the subway: caffeine and paranoia (new york observer mental health issue)

then AT the office (at last – <ahem>) we just had the Most Fabulous meeting at the Day Job today with a glorious young woman who wore such Fierce Footwear (see pic)

we have never worn such spikey-cool-heels (while sober) but she walked with an Attitude that a drag queen would die for.

of course, we prefer doctor martens – like these – especially the shiny ones.

and it’s only just lunchtime (tummy growling) so we’re going to nip out to forage for something comforting (that isn’t bread – sigh – yes, we’ve been skating close to the edge with the “spelt” and “sprouted wheat” that is So Dangerous for us…..just felt like sharing. please don’t judge. or if you do. please Be Kind (we’re Very Sensitive) ;-)

tell us about your Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “eat, pray, love, bubbles, parcels, fierce footwear, caffeine, paranoia, medical bills = wednesday.

  1. I wrote a memo to someone i really like platonically at work and would like to be friends with. It was a love letter masquerading as my thoughts on how they should lead on a project we are both involved in. I so rarely like anyone at work, and it feels a bit teenager – trying to make friends. It’s very hard for us introverts who masquerade as extroverts. Everyone thinks we are brash and standoffish, but we’re a bit shy and just show it wrong.

    What news form the surgeon my love?

    Oh my – those heals are v fierce.


  2. So happy to be mentioned, especially with the leading reference (and photo!) of Liz’s Eat Pray Love, which haunted me with its raging success as I was penning my own little tome about discovering the magic of the universe after your life is broken into a thousand sharp little shards. Not that I’m competitive. And those shoes were *to die*. Having a reason to wear shoes like that every day (and the dresses that go with them) may well be all I miss from Corporate Land. That and the fab cafeteria, brimming with vegetables so crisp they practically stood up as you approached. I’m standing by my mailbox, like a lost puppy…. xox

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