(no) tea at The Waldorf and a radical imprint launch later.

the day started well.

dP blew bubbles to indulge us before we went into a Very Important meeting.

Then (yes, Lots of Work in the between hours) we headed across Town to Park Avenue and a meeting (but sadly no Tea as the restaurant was closed for a Private Function) at The Waldorf with a Delightful (and rather inspiring) personage of Some Note (and accomplishment). 20111024-204537.jpg20111024-204543.jpg

do you recall Weekend at The Waldorf? The hotel has it on a lovely loop in the inner sanctum lobby

We were a little early for the evening’s appointment so spent a while at Housing Works, on Crosby, noting the splendid number of classic New York set texts.

Then to McNally Jackson (on Prince) for the radical imprint launch of Evolver.

The crowd was attentive and clad in various Fall shades in corduroy or chunky wool knits.

Apart from a woman of an uncertain age who was in sparkles. We leaned in closer to see what she was reading, shocked that she was there for the new imprints offerings on Sacred Economics or shamans or internal spiritual confusion.


Our keen powers of Observation had Not failed us.

She had a pile of Candace Bushnell glossy paperbacks and was clearly skimming to see which ones she didn’t yet own.

btw, the cafe at McNally Jackson has fruity-good enriching quotes- like these:


Off to an early night now.

Giving a (not that early, they’re European, not New Yorkers) breakfast presentation in the morning…….

Bit nervous about seeing the surgeon on Thursday. Just thought we’d mention it. We had blood tests done. And the medication still feels ‘off’ (we wake up feeling Very Old). And it still feels like a small yet not unfriendly creature twists our vocal chords every time we swallow.

Not to complain. But just to be au courant, darlings.

Lest we forget.

do say something - do :-)

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