art-y projects: we thought about etsy….and then had another latte.

so we thought about setting up a little shop on etsy* (see latest art-y projects below) – and then we gave up – and ordered another latte and decided to write more on the latestscreenplay.

why did we give up?

it’s not hard to sell on etsy (although god knows the paypal-setting-up-account-ness was a lousy UX – user experience, darlings and after the warm glow of etsy-world we felt thrust into a strange and dark Corporate scary-fraud-panic-unfriendly-arena and we’re Not Keen) but the troubles-behind-the-scenes and changes at etsy are a little unsettling.

why, oh why, isn’t Judi Dench the CEO of a lovely crafts and antiquing and arty-y site – we’d feel Very Comfortable if Judi was In Charge (of pretty much everything, actually).

so here are the art-y projects from the past week.

we Do love them.

perhaps we’ll send them to you as a gift instead. maybe it was just about the therapy of taking all those gorgeous photographs, buying canvas and glue and glaze and getting a tiny bit sticky and covered in glitter.

maybe that’s what it was about.

we don’t want to stop making them.

but we are Running Out of Wall Space chez nous ;-)

4 thoughts on “art-y projects: we thought about etsy….and then had another latte.

  1. Happy to accept any of your little darlings to cheer me in the mornings as they greet me (so much better than the careworn face in the mirror, you know). But only as a favor to you, of course. ; )

    And P.S. The vision of you covered in glitter is almost (just *almost*) too much to bear. Champagne-colored glitter, I hope, my dear.

  2. I think Etsy is a good idea – and certainly don’t stop if you don’t want to stop.

    Are there any nice little ‘gorgeous things sweetie’ style independent boutiques or gorgeous bits and bobs design gifty shops that might want to sell them. Twtter, tumblr and blog them for sale, although you would have to bite the paypal bullet. How about a little stall in a nice trendy area, or as part of a pre christmas craft fair. We could so shift them down here in East Dulwich, the yummy mummies and the trendies love to spend their disposable £s on such lovely things.

    But mostly, if you like making them – that is reason enough my darling.


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