to Bowery (with, not on) a bicycle: an art gallery, a Lorca reading and the fresh issue of Monocle.

JFS (not his real initials, but a conglomeration of how we think of him with regard to a sartorial-ness that must remain subtle and unexplained) said:

would you walk with me to a gallery closing on Bowery?

like a closing night at the theatre?




Ah. Not exactly. But we loved it. It was very fresh and young and vibrant (we Were Somewhat Mystified by the Art, tis true)

we don’t quite understand anything post Fragonard in paint or Norman Parkinson in print

JFS had to lean down (he is Exceedingly Tall) to catch that last remark. He blanched a little, beneath his manly rugged beard, but was kind.

And the best bit was we walked together as he leaned on the handlebars of his old-fashioned blue bicycle (basket and all). And we were Charmed (reminded us of walking through the Quad all those lifetimes ago, talking earnestly about Plutarch.)

Talking of things ancient and modern, the conference we went to yesterday was in a beautiful space with quite Lovely light fixtures.



And we were so culturally inspired by the Bowery “happening” that we found ourselves taking the long way home and stopping into McNally Jackson for a fresh copy of Monocle and a few moments in admiration at the delicious voices reading Lorca and others (in the Original) at the Spanish literature group downstairs. Transporting.


And then – quelle joy! We arrived, chez nous, and found a bulky and Most Promising envelope from England.


Darling W sent a mix tape of mr. M. Almond (shades of twisted torch songs and trying to scam a Gauloise outside a seedy dive in vauxhall at two AM).

We awoke late this morning. Most Refreshed after a long week in the salt mines of Corporate America and made coffee and lay gently back to enjoy Monocle magazine before encasing ourselves in a chic leather jacket, a spritz of Chanel No. 5 and strolling to therapy.



Now we know the idea is to Grow and Deepen and Change (in therapy) but we have to admit that Some of the revelations (post Tobias and surgery and so on) are not Entirely Pleasant.


Of course, tis the first time we’ve actually been Honest with a professional (and we have definitely encountered a few in our Time).

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