Back to hospital: more tests (followed by a Nice Walk)

after a Most dispiriting meeting, we were almost Relieved to spend the afternoon at the Hospital…

(and then, after Traditional Medicine took Yet More Blood for tests) we went uptown (after delicious lunch with jw1 who held our coat-and-bag at the Hospital – thank you!) for a Most engaging trip/experience/appointment with our alternative genius acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor for some soothing shaman style healing.



Aren’t hospitals so Uninspired in their choice of paint shades?


Unlike the genius sculptures which have appeared all over manhattan.



We took the subway downtown and stopped for a lovely cafe au lait.




The creme de cassis and grenadine were a Proustian moment of Visiting Relatives in France when team gloria (before we became gloria) was about 9 or 10 (when we had a nom de plume of Henrietta Clarke, actually, for some Shocking poetry).

We popped into this cafe while waiting for our refill #sigh of synthroid (quelle joy – has it been 30 days already?


Delicious! But is Berlin still on hold, love?

2 thoughts on “Back to hospital: more tests (followed by a Nice Walk)

  1. Love the apple sculpture… (Does it conjure a desire for Calvados?) And the cassis reminds me of kir… oh dear… Is France calling again?

    Adore your pictures and your delicious words – as always…

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