tuesday: 1st proof of our book arrives! “how to stay sane: when it all gets too much”

we are Beside ourselves with excitement, darlings, because the 1st proof of our book about Tobias and his sisters and medical leave and What We Learned is Here!






we are going to read diligently, obtain guidance from lady-of-letters (who has already been super helpful) and meet with various Interested parties and if we are not with Publisher by year’s end we shall self-publish and be glorious under the steam of media-that-is-social.

Secretly we want to get our green card Months early (#bigwish) so we can tell the world who we really are and embark on a new life as an inspirational speaker, traveling by first class, wrapped in a tartan wool blanket on the night train to Geneva to talk at events across the Continent (all of them) and share what we now know about Life.

wouldn’t that be delicious?

In the meantime, the lovely Michele recommended a rousing punch-the-air-woman and be uplifted by the flame haired siren Florence. Tis AMAZING.


The world is changing – can you sense it too?


8 thoughts on “tuesday: 1st proof of our book arrives! “how to stay sane: when it all gets too much”

  1. Well I am most impressed with your diligence whilst recovering from Horrible Surgical Experience. Brilliant you.

    If you have a good agent please let me have her \ him too. I have a book (not cancer \ surgery) which needs an agent as well, and they are hard to come by here in Australia.


  2. How exciting. It looks wonderful. Every continent deserves you. Well done my love. I have some beautiful rugs you can borrow for your extended British leg. The tour that is not the nationality of your limbs. Xxx

  3. Dearest!!!

    WHAT Great News!!!!!

    I am, as always, so impressed by you (inspired as well). The first proof of the book ..a Major Endeavor and it’s looking REALLY GOOD!

    I am incredibly thrilled for and very, very proud of you!


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