Noel Coward, Yoda, C3PO, Asterix the Gaul – the many secret loves of an Executive.

such a delicious surprise!

a parcel arrived (and you know we Adore a Parcel)

and our executive assistant (because we are supposed to be an Executive during the daylight hours that is….) came in and we whooped when we saw it was a gift from ABM of delicious Noel Coward (at the BBC, no less) plays – Too Kind!

this made our day.

which, we have to admit, was Almost Ruined, by a thoughtless person who saw our poor slain neck and said (hold your breath for a second):

oh, that’s not so bad.

yeah, right, we nearly hit them too.


we managed to extract ourselves without committing homicide (although we are well-versed in how to clean up a mess after watching the quite lovely Maria Bello #deepsigh in Prime Suspect – yes, after a few moments, one *almosts* forgets Helen Mirren as Maria makes it her own, completely) and told them in no uncertain detail about the five hour surgery and the painful glands growing and the calcium pills nausea – and then we carefully backed into our office and faked a phonecall (it was the best we could do at short notice and not enough caffeine).

you may have guessed – we don’t always Act like an Executive, with the whooping and such like (but people appear to enjoy our exuberance anyway, darlings)* especially when we ask them to blow bubbles (see below) before we start a “meeting” to discuss Very Important Things (that require sketching diagrams and such like – thank you jw1).

*the other Clue to our Not-quite-being-a-proper-executive (apart from the bubbles and whooping) are these, our workplace gods – the divine trinity of Yoda, C3PO and Asterix the Gaul.

we had several Very important Meetings today (with people who went into speaking Russian and German at crucial points during which, you’d probably be amazed to know, we didn’t get flustered – oh no, we are used to this) and we couldn’t quite meet Yoda’s dignified gaze as we said (with no sense of irony at all, just a broad smile and a head to the side charming-ness):

well, of course, as we said in Milan, earlier this year……

we Almost giggled.

but we didn’t.

because we are meant to say stuff like that at the Day Job.

we know. Quelle Glam.

2 thoughts on “Noel Coward, Yoda, C3PO, Asterix the Gaul – the many secret loves of an Executive.

  1. There aren’t enough pictures of Danny la Rue on that desk – I must see what I can do. Also, loving the bubbles.

    Or as you might have said earlier in the year in Milan – ci non sono abbastanza immagini di Danny La Rue su quello scrittorio – devo vedere che cosa posso fare. Inoltre, amando le bolle.

    Ti amo xx

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