on a lighter note ;-)

we did feel that last post was Rather Dark and brooding.

so here’s how we spent our day when Not sobbing over medical bills ;-)

the rest of our activities were Delicious.

we got up super early – headed to the swimming pool (after some anger releasing writing) and then to therapy (to read the anger releasing writing and – triumphant with some deep and meaningful insight – tear it up and throw it, carefully actually, in the therapist’s wastepaper basket/trash can/receptacle of pain) and took a delicious walk in the sunshine (a tiny bit chilly so we are swathed in cashmere – yes, it’s black) to have brunch with the chaps.

they were so lovely and let us sit at the head of the table so nobody would accidentally bump our poor scar.

we loved it at the head of the table ;-)

as you might have guessed…..

then home to do some Art Projects (some of which are going to be businesses…….yes, plotting, darlings)

art project drying…

and this is going to be the First Ever Prototype for our Kindness Kit.

it’s now painted a bright soothing blue hue and drying at home while we sauntered out to a cafe – and bumped into some Very Glamorous colleagues freshly back from Paris.

quelle CHIC!


6 thoughts on “on a lighter note ;-)

  1. Any day spent not sobbing is good. Seriously. And you earned those tears. (I too would like to see the results of the art therapy.) By the way, I was entrenched in all manner of intense activities yesterday, forgot to eat again, missed my exercise, but looked up at a certain hour and thought of you – went to my very old (mid 18th century Pennsylvania) cupboard, sought out my rarely dusted off good china, and made myself a cup of Earl Grey.


    Somehow, allowing myself the use of my own finer things conjured you. (Is it possible we were actually having tea together?)

    By 11pm, I had switched to coffee, but that’s another story entirely…

  2. Darling,

    Am noticing Windsor Newton gouache in the kindness kit. So happy to see you using Only The
    Very Best. Do investigate the entire range of colours, gouaches and brushes at Pearl Paint. Lee’s on 57th Street, bet. 7th and 8th, is also an option.

    The day yesterday was indeed beautiful, and with a sky to match your eyes. I envision you, a solitary, black cashmere swathed figure, gliding thru the smartest sections of downtown Manhattan.

    The photo in the cafe was really swell. What lucky chaps to have you at the head of their table!



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