feeling – well, just lots of Feelings, actually.

we were at the Angelika cinema for the #connectedthefilm screening by writer/director (and philosopher) @Tiffanyshlain


and there are all these feelings swimming around in our cells: curiosity, despair, hope, intrigued thoughtfulness, love, connectedness, more love (non-romantic, more soft and squishy like when one sees a tiny kitten), intellectual rigor/rigour/desiretobuybooks, confusion, mysticism and pointlessness at corporate culture mixed with desire to incite change from within…..

We’d recommend seeing it.

It is part of our education as we transit into whatever Is Next.

And we do Relish a screening with the Crew. So chic.



We should warn you that there is mention of a Tumor in the film (an American one, not ours) and we swallowed hard (which tore a little at the slowly-healing scar tissue and Hurt) and took a sharp breath. It’s going to take a while – or maybe the fear is here to stay. And a Good Thing so we Keep Changing.


The Angelika has a quite splendid chandelier so we were instantly soothed, darlings ;)


And this example of manhattan moxie in the re-themed windows at Ralph Lauren was a delicious distraction en route to the cafe.


We highly recommend the documentary. But we can see why the Suit People that we mentioned it to have not got back to us to set up a screening. It probably made them Rather Uncomfortable.


2 thoughts on “#connectedthefilm

  1. I’ve decided that you are my copy of the New Yorker. And how I love THIS subscription. Thank you for the recommendation. Xxx

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