scrapbooking a la Cecil.

if you hadn’t already guessed, we are Terribly Type A (and thus Organized/organised/neat).

so the entire surgery and Tobias the tumours/tumors hideousness is now catalogued and Scrapbooked and…….ready to be mined for inspiration.

the dummy of the book is en route through the US Postal System so we can proof and then show to Interested Parties.

and we’ve already started a jolly good fictionalization/screenplay about a corporate executive who gets sick and Learns Stuff (and gets sidetracked into Revolution within the Machine). Terribly Exciting Stuff.

We had a lot of pictures left over (always order double sets, darlings) So we did some collaging (don’t smile – it’s Awfully Theraputic) at the end of the medical leave scrapbook.





and we’ve also started a fresh moleskine (#122).

Isn’t life delicious?



6 thoughts on “scrapbooking a la Cecil.

  1. Dearest (snip! real name!),

    These Collages Are Divine!!! Where, I ask, where is the coffee table book retrospective of all of them?!!!

    I absolutely marvel at these elegant works of art. What makes them so special is the sponteneity and great selectivity you show in composing each one. Not to mention the incredible facility in the actual cutting, pasting and doing!

    Quite marvelous, very, very beautiful and Terribly Chic!



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