wednesday’s pictures.

it’s Awfully Busy here at the Day Job so forgive our brevity.

a few shots. just to amuse you.

more words later.

we have jw(1) staying this evening (a small Geek camp over chez nous) for some plotting and we both have Very Early Business Breakfasts so we offered him the aerobed and the good (spare set) of (silky) linens. we do like being grown up enough to have not only several sets of linens but a spare set too. and they are very nice. we popped them on the sofa once for a languishing afternoon’s nap and novel-reading and they were jolly silky. hence why we call them the silky set.

the soy sauce bottle is from our delicious sushi lunch with SA – much talk of london, photography, dreams, galleries, famous lensman and a couple of lensladies (or lens_broads, more accurately) – splendid.

we Adore Plotting (as you know.)

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