sunday night walk round soho.


We drank coffee a Tiny Bit too late in the day after meeting up with friends and, so, um, we’re trying to wear ourselves out with a little walk.

Here’s what we spotted tonight.




How would you pronounce this?


btw, we sat in a cafe for three hours today (yes, we’re a regular and ordered at regular intervals so as not to be rude) and Finished the First Proof copy and ordered the First Print Dummy of “how to stay sane: when it all gets too much” (yes, darlings, a picture/edited blog posts/guidance book about Tobias and his sisters and the surgery and on-going lessons learned therein).

Yes, it’s funny.

Apart from the bits that were really painful and sad and moving, of course.

3 thoughts on “sunday night walk round soho.

  1. Looking forward to it (especially knowing that despite the sad and terrifying bits, that all is well). Oh! You make me want to drop everything and install myself in a café to do my usual, well, everything. Ah, for a café in Paris, and I know exactly in which arrondissement.

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