new ideas, new projects, and sticking to the slow lane – for now


happy sunday!

we SWAM today. for the first time since the surgery (which was four weeks ago today).

we stuck to the slow lane and cried a Tiny Bit after a few lengths – relief? body releasing old pain from surgery? happy to be chlorinated? scar liked the blue of the pool? who knows….and who cares….it’s not that important what we think – it’s important what we do.

and dream.

we have five ideas. of things to do next. while we’re waiting for the green card. and starting to emerge from the cocoon of life-before-when-we-had-damaged-glands-and-didn’t-know-until-tumors-grew.

exciting times.

do share your news.

2 thoughts on “new ideas, new projects, and sticking to the slow lane – for now

  1. It is the doing, my darling, it is the doing. Slowly or quickly sometimes, and tears too, but doing.
    I was thinking of our mutual friend L. who says we are cruise ships on the Ocean of Life; we don’t make abrupt turns because we’d capsize. So we gently, gracefully steer ourselves in new directions.
    Looking forward to seeing you here, gently gracefully, soon. XXXX

  2. SOOO good to have my computer back and to see and read how you’re progressing. Those tears make a lot of sense to me: relief, surrender, recognition of the horrors behind you – thank god. Am also slowly returning to the stream of life and looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing more of those ideas percolating as you paddle along in the probably not-so-very-slow lane. Much love.

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