four weeks ago…….

we were feeling Rather Melancholic this evening and could Not quite work out why…………….



Four weeks ago we were – you know – preparing to go into hospital in the morning to – oh, right, we remember it all now – have our throat slit and tumours/tumors/tobias removed……

Isn’t it Strange how the body knows exact dates?

we have this with other notable occasions in our life. there will be a wistful or melancholic or sometimes downright irritable and spiky and (eek) a Bit Angry (the “mean reds” of Capote, perchance) and then we recall “oh, right. Today’s date, x years ago, is the day when…….(Insert clearly meaningful date that brings memories Flooding Back).

Not sure if we shared this picture with you before.

It’s from September 9th. The late afternoon of September 9th. When we still had the IV in our arm and leg pumps to keep blood flowing round the body and a big neck brace with a bottle to catch our blood in (No Darlings! No Photo of That – far too GOTHIC!)

make do with the leg pumps.

by the way, we are thrilled with how taut and muscular and Tanned our knee looks.

all that swimming in the outdoor pool this summer (the one with the keith haring mural) and basking in the two trips to Los Angeles.

we hope to return to swimming tomorrow (indoor pool now) but we wanted to tell you we’re a tiny bit Scared because the Scar feels awfully vulnerable, you know?

thanks for listening.

we think you are Most Kind to do so.

2 thoughts on “four weeks ago…….

  1. My what handsome knees you have. Was telling the first Mrs Godwin of you last night. I hope you like being fondlied (new word) in a Royal Spa. We enjoyed a night with Mr Almond singing sin, torch and romance.

    Good luck with the swimming. You are doing so well my darling.


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