dreaming in black and white with a touch of silvery visions and a twist of beauty.

we happened to be in a very elegant pre-war building on Fifth Avenue last night where – in the ladies’ powder room – there was a special shelf for Parcels.

as you know, we Adore a Parcel.


Isn’t that Glorious?!

we’d love one.

On the theme of elegance, we stayed up quite Late last night and relished a stack of vintage magazines (found in one of those curious thrift stores that one is not so sure actually exists but is a mirage suddenly appearing in the urban setting because it contains something we are meant to have – Yes. This is exactly how we view the world. It’s Ever so Nice).


We read the magazines here, at an Italian cafe from the 1920s in the Village.

also on the theme of elegance, here’s a decoupage we did a little while ago.


We are in a Very glamorous frame of mind today…….

there will be lots of writing, a tremendously chic gallery visit, surely more pots of tea and we’re going to finish the “dummy” of our blog/suggestion manual/photography book called: “How to stay sane: when it all gets too much” (subtitle: post-surgery, rehab, nervous breakdown, lost weekend)*

(we have experienced all of these – not first-hand ;) the nervous breakdown wasn’t ours, although god knows we’ve come awfully close over the years. and rehab was a job – during the dotcom crash – and was deliciously inspiring for our screenplay “releasing butterflies”).

will keep you posted, darlings……

A New Life is on the Way.

2 thoughts on “dreaming in black and white with a touch of silvery visions and a twist of beauty.

  1. What a lovely post. Glamour is very good for the soul. Trust me, I know these things.

    Love the decoupages. Perhaps a collection of them could appear in a coffee table book someday, limited and numbered and signed, available only to the smart set…at Rizzoli.

    Enjoy this lovely day; it is much deserved.

    How wonderful and uplifting your writing is!

    Love eternally,


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