bubbles, boots and letting the chips fall where they may.

Tis curious to be back in the office.

We give an appearance of “adult” ness (not in the naughty sense, darlings – fully-swathed in baby blue cashmere actually, not a hint of skin – apart from the brutal scar of course).

But we are Quite Different.

When it gets too much we blow bubbles (brought the little kit in and people stare but say nothing – #giggle)

And a small yet subtle rebellion saw us put a sticker (forbidden) on the window.


Isn’t he adorable? (we brought him back from CHINA).


Then we felt this Rage in our body this morning so “wrote it out” (which helps, enormously). Sadly tis hard to do a ceremonial burning in a NYC apartment building (we Did used to enjoy burning stuff in the back garden when we lived on the Other Coast).

btw, darlings, here’s how we do it – get a piece of unlined (so you can scrawl at will with no structure) paper and write this at the top:

I feel ANGRY when

and then start writing…….and don’t stop until you’re done.

Gloriously Clearing.


This is our horoscope today ;) gosh.

So we thought it was a good time to pause, write to you and “my, is that the time?”

have a spot of lunch.

How’s your day, love?

Do tell.

4 thoughts on “bubbles, boots and letting the chips fall where they may.

  1. Well, firstly thank you for asking.

    I have just returned form a meeting at the school where I am a governor (school board), our head is taking over another school (which is not doing so well), in addition to ours and it is all very exciting. I’m just about to have a sausage sandwich (vegetarian), give some thouight as to what i should retrain to be when I want to work part time in my 50’s, and then I’m going to start to looking forward to seeing Meera Syal in The Killing of Sister George tomorrow night in London’s glittering west end and maybe watch 2 more episodes of my new drug – Big Bang Theory. I quite like a Tuesday night. Tuesday’s are always such a relief after the gut wrenching trauma of a monday.

    Gawd bless ’em – is what I says.


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