monday, monday…..

deep breath.

there has to be an easier way to earn a living ;-)

WAIT! but in the meantime, there’s You. and we love sharing the truth with you. as our friend DP said, (back in the days when we were one of the few people we knew on email and, suddenly, over the course of a few months, everyone we knew got an email address):

darling. we had no idea why you liked email. until we got it. it’s lovely. like passing notes in class.

and so is blogging.

we’re passing you notes in class. and watching you smile across the room.

talking of passing notes – someone we know to say hello to, but not much more, suddenly came and spoke to us today and told us about their own adventures with some Tobias-similar-ness and it Really Helped.

that whole human connection thingy – it’s delicious.

do say something - do :-)

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