sunday evening blues: yoga, hot milk and Paris Vogue 1930

partly it’s the rain’s fault ;)

we detest Rain.

partly it’s the dread of showing up to the Day Job tomorrow where we feel pressure to be “fixed” so “everything can go back to normal”.

and mostly it’s just sunday night blues with the sun going down earlier and earlier and the heating in the building isn’t yet turned on so there’s a chill indoors and bulky layers mean a less-streamlined look which leads to you-know-what in the brain department (fat alert, darlings).

so here’s what we did (because feelings come and go and there’s Always Good Actions to take):

went out and saw some friends and told the Truth about how we feel (especially not feeling tiptop and aware that Some people want us to put the Surgery and Everything behind us ASAP).

came home, lit candles, turned off all the lights, deep breathing and into a proper restorative yoga practice (we studied for a while last year) – all wrapped up in soft fleecey layers while listening to one of those “soothing sounds” CDs with whale music and the odd deep chime and some awfully nice monks chanting


a lot.

(“better out than in” as they used to say During the War)

and now we’re going to warm up some milk in our oh-so-rustic-Conran-french-white-milkpan (tush! we avoid microwaving if at all possible) and Run A Bubble Bath (when all else fails……..a bath will work)

writing to you helps.

what do You do when you feel the blues descend?

do tell.

we’d love to listen.

*btw, darlings, the picture is called Divers from Paris Vogue 1930 and the photographer is H-H (we can’t remember his name and we’re on the smartypantsphone – oh wait – we can search – hold on – BRB as they say………

Here you go! Hoyningen-Huene!

and we have it on Reliable Authority that the male model was his one-time protege and lover, Horst

random factoid: when team gloria was Awfully Young and Rather Naïve, we started a magazine (with our lovely friend GM) at University called The Aesthete (don’t mock us – we are terribly sensitive) and we used this photograph as our first back cover (naughty – no we didn’t ask permission #sigh)

6 thoughts on “sunday evening blues: yoga, hot milk and Paris Vogue 1930

  1. Dear Inspiring, Courageous and Terribly Chic Friend,

    Have spent several days thinking about this particular post.

    The blues and my solution:

    Beauty. Looking at beauty of any sort, however briefly and wherever one can find it, is a sure way to lift the spirit (at least mine).

    Am having an on and off bout of the blues myself these last few days, combined with a generous dose of frantic, mixed with frustration. Looking at Beauty helps me without fail.

    However, we are indeed unyieldingly fabulous here at Team Gloria, and to qoute Eliza Doolittle:

    “That’s a mercy, anyhow.”

    Love to you,

    PS Speaking of Beauty…funny you should mention the photographs of Hoyningen- Huene…have been looking at quite a lot of them recently while beginning research for the “Private Lives” costumes. What Splendid photos, what Divine people, and what EXQUISITE clothes.

    1. over here at team gloria we Cannot Wait to do a blog post on the opening night of your production of Private Lives.

      it’s going to be glorious.

      and definitely an evening to chase away the blues.

      let’s talk on the blower (english = telephone) Very Soon.

  2. Those blues? I daresay I’ve been fighting them on a constant basis of late. Weeping, yes – but oddly, not enough (I think it would help). Writing, yes – always – and it does help. Sleep would help, but it seems to elude me when I need it most, so I return to the writing, always to the writing, and comforting companion that it is, it allays some of the anxiety, the sadness, le cafard.

    Wishing you whatever it takes to heal, in your own time, in your own way.

    (That Paris Vogue? I’m thinking that would help, too. Then again, it makes one nostalgic, longing for places and people and times that may not be accessible for now.)

    1. dearest one

      writing *does* help.

      and so does connection.

      someone just told us about her experience and it was a beautiful oasis in what was a morning of dread to be honest.

      we’ll take our rays of sunshine wherever they burst forth.

      or – as a good friend reminded us at the weekend – great art comes from depths of despair sometimes and that makes it worthwhile…..

      thinking of you fondly and sending rock-star-female-kick-ass-vibes.

      _tg xxx

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