protests in downtown #slutwalk (following a delicious brunch in the east village)

Quelle surprise! We emerged blinking slightly into the sunshine while stormclouds threatened over the further reaches of the east village, pulled the belt on our trench coat tighter and then heard it – rhythmic chanting – A Protest!

To protect our vulnerable still slightly open wound, we closed the top button carefully on the trench and iTouch at the ready headed towards the march. (we Did used to be an intrepid Reporter in London and the instinct for a Story is hard-wired, darlings.)




The future of feminism feels bright! Such glorious young women (and some admirable men) taking to the streets to protest against rape.

And there were several groups who shouted their support of women across the world in repressive regimes.

Brought a tear to our eyes.

The right to protest.

The gnawing desire to stand up and be counted.

We’ve been thinking a Lot about that recently. In our Youth, we participated far more. With great fervour/fervor/passion. And the time will come when we do again – in a clever way – from Inside the Corridors of Power. Because – from time to time – we Walk There and Know People.

But first we get well.

And one way of doing that is to sit and talk and eat and plot with Friends. Like we did today, at brunch with the Chaps, in the East Village.


You know, darlings, it’s not just team gloria who is changing. The World as we know it is most definitely changing.

And there are storm clouds over the Establishment.


2 thoughts on “protests in downtown #slutwalk (following a delicious brunch in the east village)

  1. You’ve made me come over all ‘ACT-UP London lie down’ (the old mid-demo marching order) meets Maude (of Harold and Maude fame) and her umbrella. I’ve been engrossed in SATC this aftrernoon (had a good old style blub at the end), as the weather breaks records for October – 30 C (86f) in London – too hot, so am very NYC today. Oh and my fridge broke so have been composting contents of fridge and freezer and ordering a new one that arrives tomorrow!

  2. Wonderful post, and agreed with heartily from this end.

    Odd that you should write about this current “atmosphere” we live in. I too feel something brewing. May take a bit of time to actually come about as an historical event, but it’s in the wind.

    Love the fact you are feeling so well, and well enough to place yourself with such elegance (and a camera!!!) in the midst of an potential riot .

    Thrilling indeed, from all aspects!



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