back at The Day Job. *send instructions*

so what happens now? we’ve sort of forgotten how to be an executive in Corporate America.

today was like a mime. we weren’t sure how to be, how to act, people stared at the scar (and a few people said “it’s smaller than we thought it would be” and we weren’t sure how to respond – thank you? or er, we had plastic surgery on top?

or………[answers on a postcard ;-)

and then we sort of got back into the tasks (as you can imagine – after three weeks away – there were lots).

but we made a Big Change already. we brought bubbles and we asked our trusty deputy to blow them so we could take a picture. and then we talked. you know, about Real Things. and then we got back to work. but it already felt different.

things are going to be different.

we know that now.

especially when we were asked into a meeting to:

“get going on some outstanding issues”

and we said

“we’ll ask our assistant to talk to yours to set something up for next week”

hell, no.

not jumping on the first day back.

and no – many asked – our office wasn’t festooned for our arrival.

but some Very Nice People quietly and respectfully and quite lovingly (for Corporate America) put their heads around our (glass) office door and said:

welcome back. we hope you feel better, in time.

which was Very Kind.

and now we’re off to see a gentle foreign movie after a slow stroll through central park at the Paris Cinema near the Plaza (yes, we may well get there earlier enough to have a cup of tea with Heloise, darlings).

3 thoughts on “back at The Day Job. *send instructions*

  1. Love it that bubbles were not only requested, but immediately produced. As they damn well should be, in my opinion.

    And, consequently, that photo is truly exquisite!

    Sounds like you handled it brilliantly, especially the scene at the end of Act One, where you DIDN’T jump re. their tragic little meeting to “get going on some outstanding issues”.

    By the way, why does the word “issue” always remind me of toilet paper?

    Of course you Fit Right Back In…but remember my darling, only a star can give away center stage.



  2. Well done indeed, my darling.
    Madness here, blog host was down, but more it’s the flurry surrounding the visit of his Lordship. More anon, xxxxx

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