tranquil lunch: we will miss this (final day: medical leave)

we will miss these tranquil lunches – just us and a notebook and a novel and at least an hour stretching into the afternoon.

this medical leave has changed us; for the better.

more later, darlings.

but may we say we are looking Quite Sleek with our new haircut (still growing it out for future california life but a new shape and yummy shine – our own colour/color/shade – a radical rebellion in Corporate Life ;)

off for a walk with Jonathan.

and we started our day at ‘snice (cafe in soho) with the very sleek corporate warrior (on blessed hiatus so he had time to meet) jT and talked about love and relationships and magic. You know – our usual conversations during this pause in our life.

Not Looking Forward to returning tomorrow (and just heard that our favourite/favorite people are Abroad so ho hum on the re-entry feeling)

more later, definitely. doing lots of pix for our final day of medical leave………

3 thoughts on “tranquil lunch: we will miss this (final day: medical leave)

  1. Dearest one,

    Am so glad to feel wonderful strength and clarity from you in this newest post. Of course you aren’t looking forward to tomorrow. However, not only will you make a dazzling entrance, but you will sail through the day beautifully with great, great style and a devastatingly chic haircut.

    Gertie, Noel, DV, Squeaky and I will be there with you, in spirit, every step of the way.




  2. Good luck for tomorrow darling – big squeeze (gentlish though as you are still recovering and have just had your hair done).

    You are so chic – that photograph, of a gorgeous place btw, suddenly reminded me of you taking me to Heals for tea once upon a many moons ago. I have lots of things to be grateful to you for – and that is just one of them, your gorgeous photos are another. xx

    1. Ah – HEALS! a glimpse of future luxury from our own terribly modest circumstances in those days.

      And Fifth Floor, Harvey Nicks.

      Remember that too.

      So Many Years Ago.

      _TG xxx

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