flirting and Fellini and Mastroianni and Loren and love

If you’ve been following our medical leave, you’ll know that sitting in a darkened cinema while our glands grow back and we heal from the surgery has been an essential part of our journey.

so we were doubly-thrilled – Tickled Pink even – to slip into a double bill at the Film Forum and watch both Carlo Ponti’s Marriage, Italian Style – yes, Marcello and Sophia Loren (aren’t the italians glorious? Especially their movies: lots of bosoms, shouting, fervent and passionate hand gestures and the sort of clothing that demands significant underpinnings in the lace and satin slip with construction department) and a short by Fellini (starring the goddess-like Ekberg so more bosoms and serious boned corsetry).

And before the movie a very successful acquaintance, nay one almost might say intimate, of ours, came and lounged recklessly on our subtly shaded soft butterscotch/taupe sofa in Quite the Nicest Leather Jacket and we drank tea and took a walk so we could show off the fact we live Awfully Near a Keith Haring mural (at the once-upon-a-time-in-america era Italian baths, over the swimming pool, where De Niro plunged from a top floor deep into the aforementioned pool – where we swam this summer to get as fit as possible before our Surgery – in Raging Bull)

All in all, there were a Lot of Italian influences in our day.

Our guest wasn’t Italian. But the jacket would have not been out of place on a motorcycle racing through Milan to a fashion shoot for Gucci, darlings.


A Delicious Day.

Still a bit wary of the back to the Day Job (not-tomorrow-but-the-next-day #eek) but today was one of those days that contained experiences that most definitely helped us heal.

Our glands are growing back nicely.

What fun life is.

we also had the final flower delivery of our medical leave #sob, courtesy of our Agent (and delicious friend, LG, currently in England “thank you darling” mwah xx)


Kevin sent us a Very Funny postcard from Los Angeles.


And we found a bottle of bubbles in the back of the kitchen cupboard and amused ourselves for Ages while dancing (gingerly but with enthusiasm) to William’s Lovely mix-CDs.


Can you tell we’re On The Mend?

But don’t bust us: we’d like to milk it just a Tiny Bit Longer.

Just in case this is just temporary euphoria from the music, movies, bubbles and general bonhomie of having GB to stay, our spirits lifted by the lovely books (from lady of letters), walks with mC, novels from George (and namechecks in the Advocate!) William’s delicious care packages, a house Full of Roses and all the gorgeous visits, jT and Cheltenham Lady taking us to hospital and surgeon visits, B walking us and bringing bubble bath ingredients, tons of cards, quiet suppers with K, kC and her wit and understanding, txts from beaming one, leaning on GD’s arm one morning, and Jonathan reading-to-us and ABM marvelous evenings and the gift of DV and our instagram friends and spells and magic from M in the lake of silver and music from IB and yellow flowers to chase away the Blues So much love and attention from our local shopkeepers and those nearby and the Brit press from I and K and……..if we forgot you slap us when we see you!!!

We started this blog to look for team gloria. Because of Tobias, the tumors/tumours (and his sisters), it seems team gloria was here all along.

Maybe that wasn’t decaf ;) just took a stroll and wanted to share these, darlings…..







This definitely reminds us of a drag queen we used to know circa 1988.

7 thoughts on “flirting and Fellini and Mastroianni and Loren and love

  1. Uplifting yes! Even without the whale bone. So glad you have a Glorious day. I am having a very peaceful lie in and pretending thursday is Sunday
    And it is suddenly summer again in London. Flowers gorgeous. You gorgeouser. Xxx

  2. It may not have been decaf, that is indeed possible. But…NO amount of caffeine in this world could produce such a joyous, uplifting, genuine, chic, funny and extremely moving post as was written today.

    Said in a film noir tone of voice: “That’s the real thing, baby”.

    And, my dearest, so are you.



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