a delicious night chez ABM: The Women (original), 1930s decor, tea and a black cat.


a truly delicious evening.

If you watch The Women, you would feel instantly better (and we felt prettier and witty and tres glam watching it at his beautiful pied a terre sur le upper west side of this crazy town).



powder puff clouds.


tea set – and a black cat with dainty white paws called squeaky.


Very Elegant Swellagant 1930s decor.


white roses, artfully arranged. and a vintage candlestick (heirloom? mais bien sur, cheri)


a final word from squeaky.

goodnight darlings, today was a great day.

We forgot!

It started with a Lovely Conversation with lady-of-letters over tea chez nous, with mint from her own terrace garden. So Chic.


4 thoughts on “a delicious night chez ABM: The Women (original), 1930s decor, tea and a black cat.

  1. Happy that you enjoyed a wonderful evening and felt pretty & witty.
    Squeaky looks like she/he really knows how to throw a tea party :)


  2. The Women — L’amoure, l’amoure, toujours l’amoure …. lawd knows i’ve been on that train to Reno more times than i’d care to admit.
    i’m so glad you are in good spirits.
    Give that, G of B (Greg B from the desert) a big hug for me ….. he is suposed to give you one from me as well …. lol… (i love all this vicarious hugging i’m doing)

    1. darling Gym!

      GB just landed. And he’s On the Train to Penn.

      Ah yes, we are familiar with the metaphorical Reno route too ;)

      So lovely to hear your voice and your virtual squeeze.

      _tg xx

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