synthroid: the human on and off switch. quelle joy.


new development.

synthroid has become our new on + off switch.

we are awake for several hours and then suddenly boom! eyes drooping. Vast Desire for Sleep. we crawl into the bedroom, climb under the covers and virtually pass out.

a while later – eyes wide open (oh dear, that did just remind us of the not awfully suitable for children or adults with a creative sense of joy film with the deeply charismatic Cruise and the wonderfully statuesque Kidman – remove from memory databanks – yes, we’re now awake – clearly – and watching Doctor Who where they say stuff like that all the time).

and we are doing that taking-our-pulse as requested by surgeon (now we know how to do it ;) and all seems well (a nice 60 bpm in case you’re curious – we do meditate so have a steady resting pulse)

apart from extreme exhaustion followed by “HELLO!” (the awake bit, like now, when most rational people are winding down for the evening).

………………Well this Is going to be Awkward at the Office.
unless it’s a temporary phase?

we’ll let you know.

*btw, the image is from a road trip from california.

we have a lovely visitor who’ll be taking the opposite road trip and then coming to visit US on monday night – more on GB soon.

do say something - do :-)

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