attempting to stay just ahead of the depression.

This had to happen.

you don’t go through surgery, anesthesia, 21 pills a day to replace gland and thyroid functions and then be confined to a square block radius of home for over 2 weeks without depression threatening its clouds on the far horizon coming ever closer each day.

here’s what we’re doing to keep one step ahead and stay sane: decoupage, visits and tea (lady of letters on her way at 10! Watching The Women – yes, the original, darlings, with ABM tonight), writing letters, writing this blog here, reading reading reading, naps, walks (can’t wait to swim but wound still too open for another few weeks apparently) but still it threatens to swallow us up, particularly around eleven PM, 4 AM and low points-mid-afternoon.

But it’s Sunday today (we were born on a Sunday – do you know the saying? Yes. We are ;)





a few pix from our morning-bugger-off-depression-Sunday-stroll.

7 thoughts on “attempting to stay just ahead of the depression.

  1. Ah… the original version of The Women.



    Not so fabulous. (Did you know that in french, the expression “j’ai le cafard” meaning “I have the blues” actually means I have the cockroach?)

    Night time is the worst, whatever the reason for Baudelaire’s spleen. Old movies, a nice glass of red, and knowing that eventually morning will come… these all help, je trouve.

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