medical leave day 14: sleepless in manhattan

we haven’t been sleeping that well.

tomorrow we’re going back to the surgeon for a second post-op check up and……….results?

you know darlings, results on whether team gloria has already joined team cancer.

we probably won’t sleep much tonight so we took ourselves for a small stroll and took some pictures to share with you.

hope you like them.

do let us know.

sleep soundly wherever you are tonight (or not if you scored love ;) #giggle


hell, no. humor/humour quite intact.

the rest of us? no clue.

we’ll let you know – as soon as we know. Ok?







we like mannequins.

make us think of Bladerunner.

(when we try to explain what we looked like in 1994, we say “an extra from Bladerunner”. we leave it to your imagination cos you’re certainly not getting a picture. thank god we were cRaZY before social networks, love ;)


we also did a marathon session of Torchwood (bloody brilliant).

and then, in less regular intervals than before, we had to lie down due to nausea.


this is our view during those moments.


and jW sent yellow roses, which help during those occasions.

night, night.

3 thoughts on “medical leave day 14: sleepless in manhattan

  1. The pictures all seem a bit “deshumanized” to me actually, thank God for the roses and the view (with roses!) at the end
    Tell us as soon as you know.
    Here is the weather beautifull and sunny, wonderful light and 80° (27° in civilized countries ;-))
    Hope I’ll cound send you some of it.

  2. Do many members of the team score? How unladylike and messy.

    The photos are excellent, but I’m never sure about John Barrowman.

    Let’s hope the surgeon has warm hands. Try and sleep my love. Dream of west coasts.


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