13 thoughts on “BENIGN!!!

  1. Halejuliah ….. Such great news. ….now just on with the healing that’s already so well underway. Aaaahhhhhh such lightness of being…. am so happy for you and us all! ……. and all Hail Dame Julia! ….. wish I’d known of her back when I was living in the Cathedral Close, aged 9 & 10. … what an inviting view of god she offers. Hope to see you very soon.

  2. I am so so pleased for you. Maybe that was what they expected all along, after all they didn’t operate on you urgently did they? That is always a good thing. The God or gods are smiling on you today. xo

  3. I’m so happy! I was holding my breath for you, so now I’ll breathe out. Hooray. Onwards and upwards as my mother sometimes says. Cxxx

  4. How VERY modern of them to be benign* – and what wonderful news – good for you my love, I am so happy. Healing will be easier with that weight of your mind. BRILLIANT.

    Get that bucket and spade ready.

    I’m so with George re Dame Julia (always thought Julian was a silly name for a girl).

    Muchos lovos dahlinkos.


    * – wasn’t he an arab state prime minister at one point?

  5. Tears.
    And note to self to make a nice donation to Our Lady of Norwich, Dame Julia, as I’ve been pestering her no end these last few days. Julia and a few other saints and friendly deities.

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Just did a hoot and holler and a fist pump over here in Bklyn. So so glad to hear this wondrous news. xxx

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