no C news, yet. and looking a Lot like Frankenstein’s monster/creature/monstre, mon dieu.

team gloria reporting in from the outside world (which we’ve not seen outside of the 1 block radius chez nous for a week)

saw the surgeon – OW – (yes, that was the stitches) and OW – steri-strips and OW – something deeply weird shot up our nostrils and OW – scope checking out throat and DEAR GOD – (that was us looking in the mirror – a Tiny Bit Too Frankenstein’s monstre, darlings.

we waited for the dressing.

none arrived.

apparently it “needs to breathe”.


No news on C powers yet.


Another week to wait.

Starting on hormones (yup) now.

Oh joy barely contains us.

see you soon.

heading home now with the lovely Jonathan from One Stop NYC (he brought groceries and is going to Do Tasks in the apartment while we pass out again)


One thought on “no C news, yet. and looking a Lot like Frankenstein’s monster/creature/monstre, mon dieu.

  1. Back in May I had surgery on my nose. Right in the middle of it there was a spot that looked like it might be cancer. So the surgen, who was also a plastic surgeon, cut it out and told me there wouldn’t be much of a scar at all. Next thing you know there is an infection, my nose is swollen to a balloon and I looked like hell.

    For months the scar didn’t look any better. The infection apparently made the scarring worse. What had originally looked like a small pimple that would never go away was suddenly a huge mark on my face that people would actually say, “what happened to your nose?”

    I dove into a depression. I thought I would never look the same again. Every time I looked into the mirror I was disappointed and angry.

    I say all this because dealing with the scars from surgery is a tough thing. I didn’t go through nearly what you went through but I know a little bit about how it feels to look in the mirror and not be happy about the scars that I see.

    But some good news – your scars look worse now than they will in the future. Every day when you wake up its going to look better. It does need to breath. Try using this product: It does wonders. While I don’t look perfect I did the best with what I had. Truly it will get better, the body is really good at healing itself.

    When you feel like its all too much, just relax and know that in time it will get better. Be patient…but you already know that. You are the most patient person I know.

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