we went to Hell. And made it back

Oh dear god(s).

That was a trip to Hell and no mistake.

But we made it back. And will be recovering slowly over the next few weeks.

Tobias the tumour/tumor and his sisters are gone. There were complications (skip this bit if you’re squeamish) and we were under the knife for almost five hours while they removed glands and thyroid and tumors and glands twisted around tumors and worse. We can feel it. A deep intense pain.

Last night was the longest night of team gloria’s life (and if you’ve been with us for a while you know that we’ve endured and survived long-haul and subsequent jet lag to asia and back but this was Much Worse). Each hour was agony. And so cruel.

Plus side (we needed to find one) – the view from our hospital bed is ten floors up and rather twinkly manhattan and a rosy dawn this morning so that’s nice.

And the robe for surgery was a lovely lilac (so surprising!) with some cool tech inside which enabled our body to stay alive and warm during surgery.

We are not bombed on narcotics – refused all – going with (huge strength) tylenol and now off the UV drip and reading a little but mostly listening to The Archers podcast for dreams of an english countryside while blocking out our awful staggered heavy breathing from the tortuous bandage around our neck (which is a hell of a lot better than the surgical collar with – YUM – a blood drain – which we had all last night.

So – this bit is over.

They couldn’t tell if the tumors were blessed with C powers so they been frozen and sent to the Lab to be sliced and examined by people with large Lab glasses and Big Brains.

We’ll let you know.

Need to sleep again now.

Thanks so much for all the messages!!!!! We feel very loved.

And that really helps :)

15 thoughts on “we went to Hell. And made it back

  1. Oh my …. you are surely a wonder! Fancy having the gumption to focus for long enough to put us all in the picture. Thank you. Glad you’re rid of the uninvited bits and sorry for the loss of the ones that belonged. I’m sure the pain is indeed intense and admire your fortitude. Here’s hoping it’s allowed you a little sleep and is diminishing at a perceptible rate. Much love and healing thoughts coming your way.

  2. Hello :) Glad to see you’re well enough to write and hope the worst has passed.
    Sending lots of peace & love your way.

  3. Dearest Friend,

    What joyous news! I am so, so DEEPLY GRATEFUL to know that you have come through this.

    As Elyot says to Amanda in “Private Lives” :

    “Things that ought to matter dreadfully, don’t matter at all when one is happy, do they?”

  4. Darling! So good to hear from you – good, good and good. Hang in there – well done for being so brave. 10 out of 10 V G!

    Phew :) xxxxx

    PS I’ve blogged on bosoms – it may help if the strain of listening to Ruth droning on about the milking gets too much.

  5. We are so relieved and happy to read your post. Sounds truly hellacious. You are so brave! We’re all thinking of you. xo J

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