day one: medical leave: surgery tomorrow

as we left the skyscraper in manhattan where we work last night, we set the outgoing email message to tell news of our absence on medical leave until September 29th.

the office was empty.

we turned off the lights (we never use the overhead – we have aesthetic standards so we have beautiful lamps).

and took the lift/elevator to the ground floor. got the subway. and tried to release the last conversation: “you’re not seriously going to be offline?!”


it’s called medical leave for a reason.

we’re sick.

and tumours/tumors/Tobias and his sisters (and other bits of our body they’ve damaged) are going to be cut out.

and that will be painful.

and scary.

and we’ll take the time to heal.

so we said: Yes.

and left it at that.

if we’d spoken up before, we might not have had to learn this lesson the hard way. which would be surprising to people that know us in RL (we have a pretty forceful, albeit quite charming, personality ;)

sometimes the outsides don’t match the insides.

18 thoughts on “day one: medical leave: surgery tomorrow

  1. Sending you all good and wonderful thoughts for tomorrow and the coming weeks. The outsides don’t always match the insides as you say, but we are so much stronger together than we are alone.

    You put the “oui” in we.

    Be well.


    1. am so moved by all the comments and emails and love.

      thank you for being there through this process. if we never meet in RL (and maybe we already have – who knows – tis a small world sometimes ;-) may we say how instrumental you’ve been in this “learning how to speak again” through writing team gloria.

      _ tg x

  2. my thoughts are with you most especially at this moment in time when new roads are traveled. may the pavement be smooth, the scenery beautiful, the journey a delight, and life be enriched through the experience. my love to you always. dont hesitate, ANY time day or night. xoxoxo G

  3. I am always with you
    my heart is never off-line
    no matter what.
    but the office? Oh yes, that’s another matter entirely.
    So you are in my thoughts and my prayers and all will be well, all is well always,
    loving you madly

  4. Love message in all forms floading fom everywhere in the world. Hope you don’t feel THAT lonely anyway.
    I let my drop in this stream, and letting you find, between the lines, some good vribrations.
    I send them fom an Other Other Coast, also full of sun and heat/warmth at this moment.
    Still looking for the soon to be written next giggles!
    In the meantime, take care of yourself.

  5. I’m going offline too. Am heading for 6 weeks of retreat and will be able to devote serious time to sending you metta (lovingkindness): May you be happy and peaceful, healthy and strong, safe and protected, and may you live with ease. See that you’re surrounded by your own personal sangha, sending care from all over the globe. Will be in touch when I get out. One person in my team gloria is Pema Chodron, whose books Start Where You Are and When Things Fall Apart are simply…glorious.Wishing you a smooth ridexxa

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