back in NY: dreaming of Vreeland.


we’re back from the Other Coast to the land of ambition and verve (where it is raining and cold and required the removal of the slim black trench coat with slight military details from the hall closet #sigh).

but this just in: the lovely people at Know Wear (British, we believe) went to the premiere and have also just posted the trailer to the new documentary “The Eye Must Travel” – yes! the DIANA VREELAND movie. at last.

our cup runneth over.

8 thoughts on “back in NY: dreaming of Vreeland.

  1. Dear ‘Gloria’,

    Thank you for the shout out!! Alas, we did not have the pleasure of attending the premiere, we only got the exclusive pic :P


    Iñaki x

    1. hello Iñaki!

      how lovely of you to drop by.

      your pictures were lovely. we are sure DV herself would have done a delighted bubbly guffaw upon seeing them.

      do visit us again and we’ll do the same with you :-)

      love from team gloria. xx

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