very greek.

A very greek and delicious morning in Los Angeles.

to start: a pre-sunrise meditation and swim (very Athena if you’re up on your classics)



then a glorious drive over sunset boulevard to meet friends in Brentwood.


we had brunch with AH (who is greek herself) at early world – a CLASSIC greek diner of the best sort.

we had the California salad (in Los Angeles this is half avocado stuffed with tuna salad nestled in a bright cacophony of summer fruits. In NYC the serve a very different sort of plate and call it Californian – cup of jello, cottage cheese and a side of iceberg. Don’t say team gloria doesn’t seek to educate and inform ;)


AH gave us a beautiful post-surgery wellness gift – we had a little moist eye-ness and a shy smile – thank you!

btw, AH was rockin’ a small cape. Isn’t it splendid?!


more later, darlings. We need to DRIVE by the Ocean and tune into “KOST 103.5” cos it’s EIGHTIES weekend on the radio. Yes, that’s us with the air in our hair, the Jackie O dark glasses groovin’ to Thriller.

Oh yes.

We know how to have a good time.

And then we’ll shimmy back to west Hollywood as we have a date with George from 1904.

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