reporting in from Los Angeles: 0600 hours, darlings.

we slept beautifully. a small “where are we” at 3AM and then returned to the land of dreams again until the alarm went off just now (oh-six-hundred-hours as they used to say in war-time spy movies as they shrugged their heavy Russian wool great coats over their shoulders and grabbed the magic spy pen/camera and walked into the just-before-dawn of pre-boom eastern europe).

here are a few photographs from yesterday. as we are here on Business for the Day Job, we can’t share any details so the captions are, by necessity, rather obscure yet, we hope, still illuminating.

after a morning of meetings, we headed to a lovely location to have a splendid business lunch and – as the americans call it – “brainstorm” for two hours (it always feel vaguely unpleasant when that term is mentioned and we feel a distinct buzzing in our head as a result). however this lunch/brainstorm was Utterly Delightful and we feel that we have made a new friend (which is always so rare and beautiful in business so thank you if you’re reading this;-)

not sure if you can see the sign on the parking spot here – but this is (drum roll please) JOE ROTH’S PORCHE. Yes – that Joe Roth, Hollywood Producer. (did you notice how we didn’t include his number plate – we are Respectful of Talent – even when it’s a suit.)

and here’s the view from a deep sofa when we stopped a while, between meetings, to pick up email – isn’t it a tranquil spot? see how cool and quiet it is here and then the very bright sunshine of almost-at-the-pacific-ocean burning through the french windows.

couldn’t resist snapping this as we walked by doing a quick “wake up!” brisk walk before heading to another meeting – the jet lag had started to descend in earnest.

oh dear. we did have a very brief and rather dramatic Romantic Entanglement, but we fear we have forgotten the question……answers on a postcard please (as they used to say at the end of BBC programmes before the arrival of email and the short messaging service of telephones portable).

then we dropped by to visit our friends at Uncle Sisu – a small (but mighty) design studio.

and they took us to a mighty strange and wonderfully random Japanese tea-joint called Royal/T – we were almost lost for words (which, as you know, is rather rare) to describe it so here’s what they say on their own web site:

Royal/T is a playful collision of spaces—café/shop/art space—presented in stunning fusion. An eclectic mix of retail and contemporary art reimagined in the surrounds of LA’s first Japanese-style cosplay café.

you see – genius! do visit.

where next? ah, yes, lots of driving…..

bliss. driving.

if you were following us on instagram you’d see a rather delicious and almost medieval epistolary sense of flirtation between us and another around this – and other pictures – it’s curious in its level of literary references and yet sly moments of reveal – we can say no more – tis precious and fleeting as all good encounters between lovers of words and images and once-fallen nations that have risen again while others teeter on the brink of becoming Rome should be…..

do you recall that we shared the what some might call embarrassing (we don’t, clearly) fact that we are totally obsessed by reading our horoscope?

well here it is for today.

wouldn’t you be Rather Excited?

darling, of course we’re Pisces.

what else would we be?

[Ed’s note: although gloria was born on April 9th which makes her an Aries]

details, details, love.

we must fly!

off to a Breakfast Meeting. and then to one of the Hollywood Studios (too glam!)…….more pictures later, or possibly tomorrow, as we’re going to be out late (stop it. not for that reason. and we wouldn’t tell you even if it were for that reason – we have Our Limits ;-)

isn’t life delicious?



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