a change of plan (hanging out on the sunset strip with director Guy Magar)

we did have plans.

but something changed. we are not sure what happened.

and so we became ready for an adventure and headed to the Sunset Strip.


Which is often where adventures are found.


and there it was…….an author signing at the magical Book Soup.


and we stayed to hear movie director Guy Magar read tales from his memoir “kiss me quick before I shoot”.


if there’s one thing we love, it’s a gifted and charming storyteller.

We bought his book and he signed it for us (our name in RL is one that brings smiles to men of a certain age, being the name of a movie star they often had their first crush on ;)


why didn’t we ask him to write it “for team gloria”?

we feel more real writing this than we do in RL. Even though we are accomplished and somewhat impressive when we need to be.

But to be honest, we are a bit lost in RL.

Which is why we are happiest listening to storytellers and writing and hanging out in the sunset strip with movie directors under twinkle lights with a small decaf skim latte, preparing for jet lag.


btw, THIS is the ultimate billboard.


8730 sunset towers on the sunset strip – this is where you want your big movie release oversize poster campaign.

It’s definitely where we want ours.

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