7.37am. Los Angeles

good morning, darlings.

we slept beautifully.

no jet lag, yet…..

an early morning walk helped.

as did (quite a lot of) coffee and a plain bowl of oatmeal and a nicely ripe banana in slim slices.

here are a few moments from our morning, so far…..isn’t it delicious? And it’s only 7.37 am.

this day is going to rock.

we are doing the big blowout (British = making our hair look all sleek and professional and tough business ladylike) and driving in the silver chevy malibu to the various super-secret glam locations for Very Important Day Job Meetings.


the rooftop pool at 6am as we did our morning meditation (which involved a lot of grinning).


a rosy glow on a cool house sign.


an amusing west Hollywood moment of radicalism.


the view from our table over breakfast.

we are achingly glam.

*btw, funny moment when strolling down what our friend GB calls “sandra monica boulevard” – an energetic “work it girls” (we’re pretty sure they were boys) aerobic teacher’s exhortations floated out over gay starbucks (as it is known) next to trader joes (which has the Most Beautiful Customers buying small portions of almond butter and own-brand vitamins).

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