4 thoughts on “the morning after the night before. #Irene

  1. Relieved you made it through. Poor Mayor Bloomberg, but you can’t blame him. He simply couldn’t risk having New York go the way of poor New Orleans, and I supposed that goes for every official with any authority on the whole east coast. Better safe than sorry. Am playing Maureen McGovern’s “Morning After” in your honor and loving you madly,

    1. Oh we love that you had suitable music already picked out!

      Reading about the latest toff news from London (Tatler). Curious bunch. No change since our boarding school days, it seems.

      Loving you madly.

      _tg xx

  2. Thank you for the update from downtown! Was wondering how it looked there (great pics, btw). Not too bad here in my immediate area of QNs. Glad the worst of it is over. Tired of being held hostage by Irene. Can’t wait for the trains to come to life again. Am so missing the freedom of intergalactic travel.


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