post #Irene: 2pm. sunday.

at 10am a few hardy souls (including your own team gloria) emerged gingerly from various pied a terre (and in some newly formed Romantic Entanglements, judging from the still-sparkly shoes on one and J Crew PJs on the other or suspiciously similar vintage t-shirts and last night’s smudged mascara)………

we digress.

team gloria took a few shots (see earlier post) including extensive flood damage at west broadway.

But then – within a matter of hours – one could buy books, caffeine and vinyl once more.

Welcome back, NYC.





4 thoughts on “post #Irene: 2pm. sunday.

  1. All is well, calm and like you, teetering on autumn. I was sat on the train last night (first class) returning from a house party in The Peak District National Park, and as I surveyed the golden sunset I felt very content.

    People are carnival-ing in Notting Hill this bank holiday weekend – all seems to be going well by all accounts. If society is to crush and crumble this week, I think it will be because of world debt and (w)bankers not people fighting on the streets of London.

    We are enjoying San Fran’s own Pepys this weekend in the form of Mary Ann in the Autumn – my Armistead shrine is next to my Gloria shrine.

    East Dulwich is happy today, happy that you and your fellow Nu Yoikers are all ok. xx

    1. we DID enjoy your blog post about outmoded denim (that no longer fits due to your svelte frame) – bravo.

      our friend D is going to come and read to us during our “confinement” from the tales of Mary Ann and her special friends.

      in fact we’re following A Maupin himself on twitter. he’s ever so amusing, if a little hazy at times.

      loving you madly.

      _tg. x

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