a city of eight million people: looking out the window and going back to bed.

there’s not a lot else to do in manhattan today.

the east river has burst its banks. the hudson river is flooding a block into the meat packing district. the subways are closed. a cab just flew by as we looked out the window as if propelled more by the winds (CNN say 75 mph, we couldn’t possibly tell – it’s BIG anyway, out there) than by its own power.

the huge trees outside are still standing and swaying but not, seemingly, dangerously. we are five floors up so we have a view but not one that scares us, thankfully. we still have power, for now.

so here’s what we are going to do.

w        a        i       t           it                  o        u         t

tis sunday. a day of (enforced) rest.

it does feel like everyone in NYC woke up about now (it’s 8 AM), looked out the window, checked the place for damage (we had a little bit of plaster on the floor from around the AC unit), made some coffee (it IS NYC, darlings ;) we’ll have Lots of Tea later) and headed back to bed.

the only worrying thing about living in SoHo is that the bells of St. Anthony chime regularly and do sound a little like the harbingers of doom.

we just realized that tomorrow might be the first Monday ever, in the history of New York City, where everyone actually got some sleep over the weekend.

oh god, apart from the people evacuated into shelters and those who are living in fear right near either river. we are thinking of them. would you do the same, darlings? every good thought helps.


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