the serene before #Irene

got bored.

rain stopped and started and the humidity kept rising.

so we grabbed a camera and iTouch and went to see what was happening.


emergency water supplies delivery.


storm taped windows everywhere. A city of X shapes.


one lone grocery store open. huge line on prepared foods (because we all use our ovens for storage)


Hope it doesn’t get too scary ;)


you don’t see anyone for blocks. Streets deserted. And then someone runs past with an umbrella and last minute groceries.


Diesel went for full boarding up. In case someone loots those ltd edition dark wash modeled by Gemma A.


Stephen kept Ground Support open and grateful Parisians (the only people left in soho it seems) crowded in for a cafe au lait.


us locals hung out and compared war stories of disasters-gone-by.


and we did a tiny bit of art window shopping en route home.

#Irene. Coming. In. The. Dark. Clouds. Are. Menacing.



full NYC subway shutdown until Sunday night.

weird. feeling.


Lots of surreptitious flirting going on as people crowd into bars and share umbrellas. Actually very sexy out here tonight.


wow. It has started. Dark cloud bursts. The church bells of doom (not kidding, st anthonys peals started) and sirens and police cars and fire engines flashing lights clearing the streets.

Going home now.

2 thoughts on “the serene before #Irene

  1. Hold tight. Brace yourself and think of england. The photos are amazing and I love the cosy feel tinged with imminent danger. A great juxtaposition. How an empty city is beautiful. Xx

    1. darling william

      braced. and staying inside. it’s so BIG out there.

      am in celestial blue brooks brothers (summer weight – still humid as hell) chap’s robe and pottering around making coffee and heading back to bed with a stack of reading materials.

      nothing else to do.

      Most Odd.

      loving you madly.

      _tg x

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