blitz spirit inside manhattan

darlings – reporting from inside the hurricane (or just before the storm, whichever it is, we’re not sure we really care…….)!

so various foreigners (a few Brits doing the hunkering down Blitz spirit and – er – sitting at the bar already we note) and team gloria are crowded into the bowery hotel to wait out the storm as the city empties (apparently mr. bloomberg told everyone to go……blimey……no thanks – although we don’t live in a “low lying area” whatever that is and we can’t see either river from our apartment and we don’t live on the ground floor so not scared about floods and we have the nicest fire escape where we can watch the cRaZiness outside plus TONs of books and dvds in preparation for our recovery from surgery which we can dig in to early)

we did our usual swim (before they evacuated the pool and sports centre/center as it is staffed by young people who can’t afford to live in manhattan and the public transport is stopping at noon until tomorrow evening so we had to let them go home…….and there wasn’t one that looked particularly appealing to watch Torchwood with so we didn’t offer ;) naughty. we are naughty – the IDEA) and then we went to therapy (our therapist was So Kind to trek in from groovy Brooklyn where we are sure he resides in a lovely brownstone with his partner also in the caring professions, we imagine, although of course he’ll never say).

and now we are enjoying brunch, lots of milky coffee and both the FT and the WSJ (spoiling ourselves).

btw, the Last Bad Hurricane to Hit NYC was in 1985 and it was called…………can you guess, darlings?

yes – gloria

isn’t that just fabulous?

will check in later…… safe out there wherever you are.

3 thoughts on “blitz spirit inside manhattan

  1. Darling, there are no coincidences! I survived Gloria! Or, rather I did from the relative safety of Pennsylvania, emphasis on relative.
    Do keep us posted. And remember, when it gets quite eerily calm — you’re in the eye of it. The Eye of the Storm. TOO exciting. Loving you madly,

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