8 thoughts on “pictures from a sunny afternoon off: serene before Irene.

  1. I can imagine you sipping tea in front of your window, as the hurricane is muggling outside… complaining about the bad lighting when electricity fall down, which prevents you for further reading…
    Take care.

  2. Darling, I do hope you’re not in Zone A. You must seek higher ground immediately if you are. I recall being the last car across the GW Bridge before they closed it, the last time a hurricane came to NY, which was sometime in the 80s, though don’t ask me precisely, I only dimly remember the 80s. Forgettable decade. In any case it was beastly. Isola del Fuego was closed, the Hamptons were deserted, we had no choice but to visit friends in Bucks Co. PA for the duration. Take care. Stock up. Liquor and pet food are the first things to be wiped out, I trust you are amply supplied in those departments. Wink wink. DO BE CAREFUL. If nothing else the subway vermin are going to seek higher ground, and not only are they the size of dogs but they’ve never seen the light of day. And there’s sure to be more than 3 of them, so none of this pooh-poohing about blind mice. Loving you madly, sign me WORRIED

  3. Baton down the hatches darling and take care. Sing some vera lynn perhaps. When in the anderson shelter always where your pearls and stop for tea even if jerry is flying above. Xx

    1. Somewhere over the white cliffs of Dover, Sally from the alley (which we always thought was a bit judging and certainly dubious.)


  4. Love your shots!! I am busy here trying to get some minor preparations for the storm completed – water, things off the floor in the basement etc. I’m still hoping we won’t incur the full wrath of Irene!! Stay safe!

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