pisces. what’s your sign?

did we tell you we are obsessed by our star sign?

we read everything.

trashy ones. free ones. all glossy magazines in several countries. and a few of those “apps”.

we love Susan Miller. Shelley Von Strunckel. Sally Brompton (does one name have to start with S to make it big? curious.)

we miss Patric Walker.

and Russell (William? was it R. Grant?) jovial chap. Lots of finger wagging on the 80s telly back in england.

“quit the self-betrayal” says Elle UK app (we just read it).




but true.




but we’re working on it.

like everything else.


another day in Corp. USA is done.


and we’re somewhere nice. with a delicious salad (with cheese) and glossies. With the beautiful people.


5 thoughts on “pisces. what’s your sign?

    1. we KNEW you’d remember ;-)

      we imagined you wearing a black turtleneck while writing that comment, by the way.

      and for some reason, a prince of wales check jacket and trousers.

      and a pair of sparkly slippers.

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