art supplies, lots of books and creams from Boots The Chemist.

so we did a spot more post-therapy therapeutic retail today, in preparation for our post-surgery confinement:

delicious art supplies and lovely tomes (many of which are gifts from splendid friends) and a most GLORIAous package arrived from england with creams from Boots The Chemist (thank you Belinda!)

we’re almost ready.

less than three weeks to go now.

now we just need to stock up on our supply of liquid eyeliner and replenish the travel-sized atomizer of Chanel No. 5 and slip on our satin robe and we’re ready, darlings.

bring on the home nurse visit (yes, of course we’re going to have someone else popping in with some actual professional medical qualifications – despite What Our Insurance Said – we have a Vast toolset of skills but not one pertains to Wound Care – sigh. brutes.)

off to dinner.

while we still can.

yes, we’re going into the dramatic stage (ED: there was another stage in the life of team gloria??)



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