vampiric in manhattan.

we are feeling a tiny bit vampiric today.

well, not directly – but at the mercy-of-a-vampire.

you see we are Off To The Hospital to have MORE blood* drawn for the following tests.

CBC w/differential & platelets



Beta HCG Quant

TSH, T4 Anti TPO

Vitamin D Total, 25-OH, 1,25-OH

these are the pre-surgery tests (although we have more tomorrow at the specialist’s office who will be managing our care post-surgery – that is IF WE LIKE HIM – because we are VERY picky about the people we surround ourselves with. we’ve changed chiropractor’s offices because we didn’t like the decor ;-) true.

*the irony of team gloria’s blood is that prior to this whole tumors/tumours/30% chance of cancer, NOBODY IN THE USA WANTED OUR BLOOD.


when we lived in los angeles on – deep delicious sigh – the Other Coast – a friend of a friend needed a blood transfusion and had no money. we were THRILLED to provide blood into the blood bank that they would draw for (so exciting, in a weird way, to be able to help someone so directly – we know it’s because they weren’t covered by insurance but we felt SO good when we showed up.)

but then they heard our accent.


they said – in what we felt was a somewhat accusatory tone (we do sometimes remember the American Rebellion – er – Revolution – but this was a Little Much).

why, yes!

we said with what we hoped was an enthusiastic smile and an encouraging manner

but we LIVE HERE now!

all of about three weeks at that point, but never mind.

can’t take your blood.

and with that, they looked for the next person in line (british = queue) and ignored us.

we were horrified.


we said, a tiny bit plaintively, looking down at our rich veins of pulsing bloods of three once warring nations (england, france and ireland since you ask).

because of mad cow disease.


yeah. damn right seriously, lady.

(did we mention that the nurses in the blood bank were somewhat tough and rather impressively direct in that just-off-Crenshaw type of way?)

we don’t HAVE mad cow disease.

we didn’t actually know that. but we did know that we’d not been near an actual farm for many a year…..our pleas fell on deaf ears. they didn’t want english blood. apparently we might be carriers. we slunk off home (HOME! AMERICA-HOME!) and probably sulked.

now look at us. they can’t stop TAKING OUR BLOOD ;-)


in order to cheer ourselves up and add to the delicious pile of books gathering on our bedside bureau (very white – very 1930s) for our convalescence – we just added two excellent suggestions (one was left by Moonlight in the comments – So Kind!) –

and here’s our lovely bureau where we are starting to gather our reading and listening (the judi dench is coming as an audiobook – such a rich caramelly voice might well be needed as we sob into our pillows with our neck dissected….sob).

have a beautiful day, darlings.

is it raining where you are today as well? what’s up with this manhattan rain-in-august-type-affair? odd. the world is definitely ODD.

8 thoughts on “vampiric in manhattan.

  1. Oh yes we had some rain today! Some friends in parts of England had it up to their waists. I on the other hand ate beautiful indian food with a lovely lady (no homo) drank ice cold alcohol free indian beer and now feel tired in that delicious, I know I’ll sleep well kind of way.

    Even the English don’t want my blood!

    That’s a lot of tests, I hope they don’t make you sore.


    1. we have a Most Impressive *bruise* from all the blood-letting and – completely coincidentally – are not wearing a long sleeve top so people can – if they so wish – admire and ask solicitous-ly about our poor illness-situation.

      how splendid that you had a decent Curry.

      we might well do the same this evening.


    1. we DID engage the lady nurse at the hospital today with tales of India (from whence she came) – she was a little surprised at our global international type business travel as we were rather pathetically not in the best of shipshape outfits today (too tired).

      lovely to see you Gym.

      we’re Coming Back to the Other Coast.

      hollywood/highland? sept 2nd??

      1. and lovely to see you as well gloriaS.

        Yay to the left coast with thee !

        Sept 2 sounds fab! –looking fwd to it! (i travel to the right coast –DC, on the 3rd)

        i shall be in your lovely hamlet, in November whilst most are serving up turkey …

        1. delicious.

          we shall See You There on the Other Coast at the gathering of like-minded and well-turned-out-souls.

          _tg xx

          ps: we are still giggling at the idea of you saying that your fav team was team gloria. LOVE it.

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