upper east side dinner for nine.

so chic.

we went to a Very Important Occasion last night. It was a dinner party for nine. With an honoured/honored/special guest (gosh, no, can’t reveal on Guide’s honour/honor – although team gloria never made it to the Guides as we were somewhat bitchy – there may even have been a 7 year olds slapping session – to Brown Owl’s priggish daughter whom, we felt, gained a badge rather more swiftly than team gloria and so we were asked to turn in our unflattering mid-brown dress).

so last night was chic and clever and we were indulged with elegant repast and returned the compliment with rather glittering conversation.

however grown-up we might be Out There, a little team gloria slips into the general flow when we get animated.

as, for example, when we were explaining how an illegal IP address re-router opens up a channel for naughty file-sharing and thereby provides a wormhole into one’s hard-drive…….to enhance our message we found ourselves doing a visual (we put our fingers around our eyes to mimic goggles) and everyone stopped talking.

Cue: giggling.



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