doing the paperwork. coping with the bureaucracy. sort of. (+ heading BACK to the Other Coast!)

so team gloria has done the following today:

1. celebrated TEN YEARS in the USA

2. gone to surgeon’s office to wait in the anteroom (lovely victorian word) with the even lovelier j/w (j/w 2 was not with us today) to distract us from the fact that this was the VERY room where we found out we had a “30 % chance of cancer”. we managed to be amusing and distracted, which helped. forms were signed by the surgeon and we are officially getting a full three weeks to recover from throat-being-slit and tobias and his sisters being removed and then being put onto strange gland-growing calcium stuff and a synthetic (we itch at synthetic fibres/fibers by the way) pill that will replicate the organs that have been removed (yum).

3. cried in HR (for our english friends, this is the “personnel department”)

4. cried as we left HR clutching even more forms to get signed (although we were somewhat mollified by the fact that we could do THESE forms on the interweb)

5. stopped crying somewhere between the elevator rides back to our office for the Day Job

6. went on the interweb and filled-out-more-forms

7. we now officially have applied and been accepted for disability (yes, it’s as bad as it sounds)

8. now we wait.

BUT WAIT! excellent news – this just in……

we’re going back to Los Angeles for a business trip – flying out wednesday aug 31st and staying the whole bloody labor day weekend (at our expense just in case someone from our Day Job has worked out this is us OR we are reviewing this page in court sometime in the future when that occurs ;-) it’s creative THERAPY people. we need to be our true selves as team gloria to cope with tobias. shhhhhh! don’t tell on us…….)

over and out. sipping some “get relaxed” tea from the lovely cF now.

yeah. we. are. slightly. manic. at. this. late. stage.


3 thoughts on “doing the paperwork. coping with the bureaucracy. sort of. (+ heading BACK to the Other Coast!)

  1. Excellent news about getting 3 weeks, and more excellenter news about going back to LA.

    I love that you use ‘interweb’.

    I’ll deny all of it or none of it in court – just signal using the shade of your headscarf and I’ll know what to do.


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