countdown. (at the mercer – why be morbid without luxury, darlings ;)

in the elevator at The Day Job last week:

“3 percent? That’s not so bad”

“no. 30 percent chance of cancer”


“oh. ”


“see you after your medical leave then!”

We love Americans.

Optimistic to the core.


Kris Carr – author of “crazy sexy cancer ” in NY Times today.

actually a good article. If one is prepared for the advice on green juices (check. just had one of those as the Mercer is an Organic Avenue supplier – mainly due to the number of celebs/Talent staying here who subsist on detox products pre-shoots) and “creating a beautiful surrounding for an enema” (er, pass)

So, says team gloria brightly in a somewhat wobbly voice:

“three weeks to go.”




btw, world gone CrAZy. Raining in NYC. In AUGUST.


6 thoughts on “countdown. (at the mercer – why be morbid without luxury, darlings ;)

  1. i enjoyed her article as well. it made me think of you and i was wondering if you had read it. of course you did. major good thoughts coming your way from the lone star state. we will gladly take your rain. xxxxxxxxxx rst

      1. march will be here before you know it, or it seems that way for me. i know probably not so much for you. perhaps if you have free time while in austin i can meet you there? i love austin. and at the very least i can suggest eateries and such. thanks for the storm. it made my day. i think i will be in your neighborhood in october. stay tuned. hang in there team gloria. you have a whole team of folks pulling for you! off to ride with buck this week. will be in touch. xx rst

        1. off to ride?

          we have a delicious concept of your life in the lone star state!

          and ABSOLUTELY – we’d adore to visit you in your hometown

          and yes please, a visit from you in october will be much appreciated.

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