back on the high line again.

the last time we were on the High Line (“New York City’s Park In The Sky”) was a few months ago when we were in – how shall we put it…?

– something of a romantic entanglement

– and so the view looked very different from today when we were accompanied by a lovely literary companion (yes she was real, we don’t mean one of our characters although we do enjoy virtual company from time to time).

she was even in a marvelous/marvellous floppy straw hat – most elegant – and we talked about books and people and you know, international business affaires.

a charming afternoon, truly.

and the new section of the High Line is tremendously lovely.

don’t you agree, darlings?

4 thoughts on “back on the high line again.

  1. Love your shot of the Empire State building through the foliage.
    And the earlier shots from the Mandarin hotel…looked so old fashioned and modern at the same time.


  2. This looks amazing, I must go and find out more. And as usual your wonderful photographs make me feel like i am there. Thank you. X

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