a fabulous memoir and a divine Keith Haring mural.

thank you maria (who pressed this book into our hands saying “we bought six copies to give to friends after reading this, it’s hilarious”)!

it IS hilarious

susan jane gilman has a delicious painfully accurate memory of every tiny moment of agonizing delusion and delirium that occurs when one grows up as a girl.
highly recommended – am going to pass it on to cF whom we are having tea with today.

SUMMER FRIDAY!! (when manhattan people get to flee town for the upstate pastoral idyll)*

*hell, no. we are staying put in glam downtown today. the august heat doesn’t scare us (actually, it does, but we only just got over jet lag from california so not quite strong enough to handle anything more than the exertion of SWIMMING into a KEITH HARING mural at seven AM.)

yes. you read that right. we got up, took our serious padlock and headed for the former bathhouse (no, not that sort of bathhouse boys) the place where brave italian immigrants would do their bathing over hundred years ago and where they shot de Niro vaulting out of the 3rd floor into the outdoor pool – yeah, we swam in the pool from Raging Bull at 7AM.

what sort of fit and lithe human-ness have we become?

GLORIAous, right?

2 thoughts on “a fabulous memoir and a divine Keith Haring mural.

    1. darling!

      up so early on the Other Coast we see.

      and may we say “et in arcadia ego” came to mind from your delicious post on Oxford and the town + gown swagger.

      _tg x

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